Aspiring Leaders Institute

Aspiring Leaders Institute: …today, tomorrow and the future

Welcome to a well-designed platform for your personal and professional growth. Aspiring Leaders Institute prepares all levels of professionals to be intentional, authentic and focused while on their journey to their desired career goals. Join our self-paced mixed with live 10 weeks program to:

Club Objectives:

  • To identify and understand your leadership traits,
  • Learn how to connect and network with seasoned and aspiring leaders,
  • Learn how to create your personalized leadership strategies,
  • Implement your attainable and achievable leadership goals,
  • Review contracts, negotiation and resume building to enhance your job or business development,
  • Live and work with intent,
  • Understand and develop your passion,
  • Live your best life NOW.

Hundreds of professionals have been trained through this institute and have gain lots of knowledge of who they are. When you complete this program, you will join the Aspiring Leaders Connect to network with the entire alumni. We are growing leaders; you are the next. Join us today to rediscover who you are and your passion for your growth.

Dr. Chibunna E. Nwaobia, PhD, RN Executive Director, NursesBond Inc.
Shannon McDougall, MBA, Executive Director, Enterprise Occupational Safety and Health, City of Hope.

Club Registration Info:
Club registration begins: July 10, 2021
Club registration ends: August 15, 2021
Club meetings begins: August 15, 2021 at 3PM PST
Club registration: Link “Register Here
Registration Fees: $100 for NursesBond Members | $150 for Non-Members
Certificate of Completion will be issued.

Aspiring Leaders Club